Learn To Be A DJ -7 Surprising Tips To Choosing DJ Headphones

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Learn 7 surpirsing facts about DJ headphones. Find out what really matters when you are trying to decide which headphones are best for DJing.  Not all headphones are perfect for everyone, so being able to determine which will work the best for YOU is key to choosing DJ headphones.

  • Discover why DJs only wear one earcup.
  • When is a smaller earcup better for DJing?
  • What’s most important when trying to choose the best headphones for DJs?
  • What sensitivity is optimal for club DJing?
  • What feature is an absolute deal breaker when it comes to DJ headphones?

Spoiler Tip: You might be surprised to learn that clarity is more important than sound quality. It sounds counter intuitive but being able to pick out the bass, the mid range, and the high hat in a noisy club DJ booth is one of the most important factors when choosing DJ headphones.


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pln98 says:

What is that bag named? I’m looking for a good bag for my equipment.

DigitalDJTips says:

It’s the L’il Namba bag.

thegoth303 says:

I have headphones that go directly in my ear and cancel sound…not only do they cancel noise outside, they are insanely sensitive to my computer jack…are they a good idea rather than using large headphones?

DigitalDJTips says:

When you’re DJing with headphones, you tend to want to take them off and on for every mix, which is why I don’t personally think in-ear headphones are a good idea for mixing.

Ryan Lio says:

I have v-moda crossfade lps, i love them!

BikerBoyTheFreestyle says:

Hi, I most of the time mix en cue with my headphones ON (both ears covered)! In that case I have the control of the cueing volume; hear everything what the public hears and last but not least I have the control about both the volume of the cue and mix wich makes mixing more accurate! You can use a monitor, but the volume must be set right to match the volume of the headphone and that is sometimes difficult when the public gets loud(er). =D A club DJ from the Netherlands =D

DigitalDJTips says:

Very true, and there’s no right way, but this is the way I’ve seen most DJs do it.

32Digits says:

What do you think?

The legendary Sennheiser HD-25?
The Famous Pioneer HDJ-2000?
thanks in advance!!

DigitalDJTips says:

Both very different but equally respected – do you want small or big?

DjJivajo says:

Awesome vid once again!! Always a true and honest opinion.
When I saw that bag, I was like “What’s in there!??!!”
So I am wondering if you could please make a “What’s in my bag” type video?


uo189839 says:

Thank you! Very well explained! 😉

dariusnaz says:

What Headphones are you using in this video? (the larger, ear cup ones)

DigitalDJTips says:

Reloop RHP-20

Monska2011 says:

I’ve a Pair of Beats Pro’s … I find the bass can drown out the mids and highs a little but otherwise I love them ,, Would they be okay for DJing?

imbadewa says:

Phil.. what is your opinion on the HDJ 2000 by pioneer?

DigitalDJTips says:

Good quality, pricey, 8.5/10

djlocky123 says:

Hi Phil what dj headphones can you recommended that will take a battering & not fall to pieces. Ive been djing nearly 2 decades and still have been unable to find a pair of headphones that will last longer than 12 – 18 months had all the dj named brand headphones and none of them has have lasted HELP lol

DigitalDJTips says:

They’re great, go for the ii’s though as they have a single headphone lead as opposed to two and are generally better. I use the Xone XD-40s as my portable headphone which are a third of the price! And no, I am definitely English, pero hablo español por que vivo en el sur de España…

jpsm123451 says:

@digitaldjtips hey Phil would you recommend that I should get a sennheiser pair of headphones like the HD 25 ii? Or are there better options on the market? Also I would like to know what are the headphones your wearing in your forum pic? Also I must ask are you really Spanish? Y hablas espanol? Your accent seems like English! Greetings

wooxify says:

This is very strange then! Both the headphones and the sound are plugged into the controller, but when I play a track and listen to it using the headphones and the speakers, at the same time, I can hear how the sound coming from the speakers is noticeably delayed. My latency is at 5ms. This delay of the sound makes it impossible to beatmatch using the speakers. That’s why I have to use the headphones only. Is that supposed to be like this?

DigitalDJTips says:

No, it desfinitely isn’t. It’s hard to say what your issue is but a few ms will not stop you being able to beatmatch normally.

DigitalDJTips says:

The latency should be completely unnoticeable for digital gear, and it makes no difference if you mix through speakers/headphones or just headphones as both sources have to come through your sound card. The method of beatmatching need be absolutely no different than with analogue gear. I (like many DJs who predate digital) exclusive beatmatch “by ear” with my digital gear.

wooxify says:

Nice video. I have a question that keeps bothering me though.

Why would a digital DJ need the headphones cup on one year only? Are you even able to beatmatch with the noticeable latency coming from the sound card? I mix with my headphones ONLY. Because of the latency. If I want to beatmatch manually, I do it on the headphones only. But I do not know if this is always the case, if this is due to my cheap equipment or my settings? Is there a way to beatmatch by ear while Digital DJing?

yourpsychedelic says:

Thanks for sharing, good tips.

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