DJ Equipment Overview by DJ RuDe

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This is a brief overview of some of the dj equipment that professional DJ Rude uses.

DJ Equipment

  • LCD monitors,
  • Virtual DJ player
  • Pioneer CDJ-400 USB controllers,
  • Pioneer DJM-800 mixer,
  • laptop,
  • software,
  • speaker system,
  • DJ laser,
  • LED lighting,
  • vocal processors

DJ RuDe uses a lot of American DJ lighting which looks really awesome.  In this video he is demoing Virtual DJ, playing a song by Dave Guetta and Kelly Roland.


jeeremiahjr says:

every 1 talking bout his equipment but no 1 has nothing better probably thats messed up we should be helping ach other not hurting thats a nice setup

JSprayaEntertainment says:

1:10 Kelly Roland ( fuckin sexy )

markaveli44 says:

Great setup how much do you think it would it would run if I was to get into mixxin my own muzik?

SeRgA123456789 says:

PLX how much did u pay for laptop, i saw it couple of months ago and try it, DAMN that thing got awesome sound!!

cleosimble says:

it would be cool if some dj some of these online dj’s setup a radio station

dooftie says:

must have cost u a fortune

MrBAbYGS says:

your equipment is very very shit!!!

LUICHI0017 says:

yooo how much it cost evreting u have!

BoogiemanUSA says:

bad mp3 file, or its your sound card disable your anti virus to give more headroom if that doesnt work then its maybe your mp3. good luck Nice equpment rude….

Patrick Ahern says:

What settings do you have for virtual dj. I’m having severe problems with crackling audio while video djing. Any help will be grateful. Thanks I’m using 2 cdj400s a djm700 and a sony vaio with 4 gb or ram which should be enough.

gentri80y says:

whats your main vocal processor for karaoke? I noticed you have two. I have that Voiceworks plus too.
I like that VDJ for karaoke thing, compared with Tricerasoft swift elite 4. (Have you heard about it? for karaoke of course).
I might need your helps and tips once I got that VDJ.
Thanks in advance,

trickieraver90 says:

you should get cdj 2000 theyre great for performance and how you play your tracks.

DjRatchetTV says:

pretty dope set up

some first video had 2 be like a 3rd

RudeDog66 says:

…and you call VDJ a game why? Because you have 26 years experience like me? How old are u son? I have Serato & Traktor but still prefer VDJ for all of it’s abilities like video, karaoke, effects, transitions and much more that those other 2 do not offer. I started out on vinyl with Tech 12’s then 8 years later went to CD until 2008, so I know how to DJ w/o a computer. It’s 2010 not 1988 so computers are the newest way to DJ. Grow up and smell the technology son!!


RudeDog66 says:

Wow! Very observant! Maybe that was done on purpose.. lol

pillefreeride says:

nothing wrong with virtual DJ. but whyyyy? seriously its more of a game than a djprogram, get serato or traktor maybe ableton ;P or skip computer

alexakabestofthebest says:

hi….i’m a dj n i only dj in my pc….but my ? is what is the best full dj equipment out there and how much it cost..plzz heelllppppp!!!

RudeDog66 says:

Lol, maybe it was intentional!

ivanfry2 says:

at 4:20 you said i got a smokke haha isnt that awkward.

RudeDog66 says:

Promo Only Video

DjJochi76 says:

whre your get your video from?

RudeDog66 says:

A lot of money! This video was done about 9 months ago. I have since upped my game three fold so now I have even more…

viclaurika says:

hello, im a young dj in the making, i love music and i need help getting started on dj equipment that can be used on a laptop(: hopefully you can help w/ that

RudeDog66 says:

You really need to just be able to “feel” the music. It helps if you have musical ability such a the ability to play musical instruments or sing. I started out in music back in the third grade. Get out there and play music for your family and friends to start. Keep up with all new music and of course the old favorites. IDJohio pretty much covered the rest. Great points!


Keep Spinnin’!!

insanecaine says:

Wow, you’re really into it. I’m really impressed. A penny for your thoughts – how do you get that “dj flow” – in other words, how do you find a songs bpm and match it to a similar song to get that everlasting flow. Thanks man!!

Drew32292 says:

hey i have a few questions, 1. what are your thoughts on traktor?, 2. is there any others good video djing software besides virtual dj?, and its not a question, but respect for using the bamf pc (graphics kill the mac, i’m a mac user myself, but i’d kill for a good pc anyday)

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