Beatmatching In Action – How To DJ

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Learn the tricks of the trade from a professional DJ. Watch and listen while DJ Magic Wong explains the fundamentals of DJing and gives a live demo of Beatmatching.

He explains his techniques for mixing songs using a DJ mixer and crossfader with vinyl turntables.

DJ Magic Wong explains Beatmatching and the 8 count.  Beatmatching is one of the most basic aspects of DJing.  Beatmatching involves restart and slip-cue of the new record with precise timing.  It takes a little practice to seamlessly mix beats and bring in the next song like a pro.

Take these tips and apply it to your DJ repertoire.

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DJSolidify says:

Most songs since the 1940s have had moreover a 4/4 count and songs that we hear in clubs and what DJs play are 4/4 as well. Again, the rhythm can also be described as 8 counts. Usually, as in a 4/4 measure, the accent is on the 5th beat. By that I mean that usually the 1st beat has the accent. In modern music, the accent is usually on the 9th beat, but not always.

Artic Clan says:

Yo make more videos

TheRealDJGReek says:

I’m a Dj and producer, I know there are millions of those in this world and you will say why I have to hear him? Simply because I really love to mix and produce music, it’s my passion. If you give me the chance I will show you that the only thing I want, is that you can hear my music. I don’t have money for paying advertisements I only can make spam, sorry for that but, please, if you read this can you press the thumps up? So more people can read it, a simple button can make my dream come true.

austin1831 says:

no have fun with those awkward pauses between songs and people looking up at you staring at your laptop like your checking email.

erking55 says:

Are turntables necessary nowadays? Can i still DJ to a large crowd with just my laptop and a lot of music?

Funkinitup says:

I don’t want to make it confusing for anyone who doesn’t spin, but the best way to count beats, and keep everything sync’d up would be to count (4) 8 measures, or 32 beats. But you need to make sure you’re starting on the 1st of 32 beats. If not, the songs you’re mixing/blending are going to change at different times. Just a note.

blubberlips says:

Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about either. I’m not saying it matters whether it’s 4 or 8. I’m saying not EVERY song is in 8 (or 4) like this guy says.

I’m not hating on anyone.  I’m just saying they’re not learned in the subject. Like you.

TomWaldron101 says:

If u DJd u would know it didnt matter. 8 or 4. chill with the hate.

blubberlips says:

Word up. It’s just sad to hear people who think they know music say that EVERY song is in 4/4. Without even knowing how to say a time signature.

Guess I just got fed up with some DJ douchery.

TomWaldron101 says:

8 is a multiple of 4. so u can make it an 8 count. but it jus complicates it.

CanadianBro11 says:

I like it but a lot of guys are just using a laptop and a mixer now.

albert19911991 says:

Wat ya called the tune 2.35

danttell221 says:

The last song is from Common called GO….

Zofnok says:

dude awesome tutorial!

BADBOYZ1727 says:

tht was dope ever helpful

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